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About The Artist


Carolyn Daunt is an Artist and jewellery designer. Born in Kent and growing up in Ireland she graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD). She returned to the UK in 2019 after living and working in Asia Pacific Region, Australasia and Africa where she worked for various United Nations Agencies as well as NGOs and private companies.

Her work covered a broad spectrum from branding and digital illustration to interior design and event design/marketing. Carolyn now has her own new studio on Bell Street in Reigate where she creates jewellery and sculptural pieces made from recycled materials as well as acrylic ink paintings.

Her art and jewellery are inspired by nature and the shapes created can bring to mind other worldly flowers, shells or sea creatures.

Her sculptural pieces are formed using a variety of recycled materials including plastic and paper and are often an extension of her jewellery ideas on a larger scale.

Carolyn paints using a wet on wet technique as a form of meditation. The ink's flow and drips are carefully orchestrated to create atmospheric landscapes. When dried they are reviewed and worked into to create more detail.

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